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Name Version Rates Language
Les Terres Illidaris Version 2.4.3 x5
Paragon Servers 3.3.5a Version 3.3.5a x3
Paragon Servers 4.3.4 Version 4.3.4 x3
Way of Elendil Version 3.3.5a x1
NostalGeek Version 1.12.1 x1
The Geek Crusade Version 2.4.3 x1
Darluok Version 3.3.5a x2
Warmane Outland 2.4.3 Version 2.4.3 x1
Warmane Frostmourne 3.3.5a Version 3.3.5a x7
Warmane Lordaeron 3.3.5a Version 3.3.5a x1
Warmane Icecrown 3.3.5a Version 3.3.5a x7
Warmane Blackrock 3.3.5a Version 3.3.5a Instant max level
Firestorm Icecrown 3.3.5a Version 3.3.5a x5
Firestorm Deathwing 4.3.4 Version 4.3.4 x5
Firestorm Garrosh 5.4.8 Version 5.4.8 x5
Firestorm Gul'dan 6.2.3 Version 6.2.3 x5
Firestorm Sylvanas 7.3.5 Version 7.3.5 x3
Firestorm Greymane 7.3.5 Version 7.3.5 Fun
Elysium Project Version 1.12.1 x1
Kronos WoW Version 1.12.1 x1
Solocraft Version 3.3.5a Rates XP adaptable (x1 jusqu'à x10)
Warlegend Project Version 3.3.5a Instant 80
Warlog Version 3.3.5a Rates Semi Blizzlike
Garona WoW Version 3.3.5a Rates XP x10 rates drop x3
Haz'Garoth Version 3.3.5a Adaptable de x1 à x10, rate x3 monnaies,
Syphréna Version 3.3.5a Blizzlike et Semi-Blizzlike
Murloc Village Version 3.3.5a XP x2, quêtes x1,5